Jenny Flint

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Jenny Flint (A Good Man Goes to War)- Doctor Who
First Worn: Chicago TARDIS 2012
Also Worn at: n/a | Retired?: No

Yay for lesser known character cosplay! Minor characters need love too. I honestly can’t say when I decided to do this costume, but Jenny & Madame Vastra are my favorite part of Eleven’s story arcs. As much as I’d love to be Madame Vastra, there’s no way I’m tackling that SFX makeup (especially when I’ve seen it done so well recently!) So I thought Jenny would be super fun to attempt!

This was another costume where I utilized existing garments and modified them. I was without a sewing machine for quite a while, so I had to make do with bringing things to my parent’s house when I needed to actually sew.

The pants are a pair of stretch olive skinny jeans from Lane Bryant. I ordered them a bit larger in order to mimic the jodhpur effect and I think it worked well. The shoes were purchased from DSW and were the most expensive part of the costume, but there were super comfy and I think I can wear them with my much planned Fem!Four costume someday. The shirt is the same I used for Sarah Jane Smith and the black gloves are my own winter gloves. The tie was purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the same shopping trip as my Mary Poppins gear. The sword is my father’s (he collects them) and is live steel, so that had to be peace tied. I attached it to an extra belt from my Zoe costume with a leather cord.

The most difficult piece to find was the vest. After much searching, I eventually found a vest that would work on eBay. It was suede-like, but it was 3 sized too big and had a suit collar. So I altered the shape to fit and adjusted it to remove the collar and add more buttons, which were purchased from the fabric store. I’ve included some before and after shots to show how much alterations it took.

I am RUBBISH with hair. It took forever to just get the semblance of an updo that you see here. Now you know why i usually just wear wigs.

Many people recognized me right away and I was lucky enough to run into a lovely woman named Michelle would would be wearing her Madame Vastra on Saturday who was so excited to see a Jenny! I even ran into her on Saturday after the masquerade and she asked if I would switch into Jenny (I was in my Blue Kang) for some photos. OF COURSE! We had a lot of fun “killing” Jack the Ripper. I wish it had been day so we could have gotten some nicer photos, but it was a lot of fun!